Tihana Lazovic Nude Scenes From “Aleksi”

Tihana Lazovic nude

The video below features actress Tihana Lazovic’s nude scenes from the film “Aleksi” remastered and enhanced in high definition.

Needless to say that these nude scenes are extremely offensive to Islam, for not only does Tihana soap-up her sloppy Croatian chesticles sans a shower burka, but she also shaves her arm pits.

What sinfully shorn infidel Jezebels like Tihana fail to realize is that a woman’s body hair is a gift from Allah… As it is designed to not only obscure their blasphemous and unsightly sex organs, but also enhance their feminine musk which causes arousal in us virile Muslim men. Thankfully our pious Musliminas know this quite well, and their bodies are nearly completely covered in a thick pelt of erotic pubic hair.

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