Taylor Swift Promotes “Prone Bone” Sex

Taylor Swift knee highs

Pop star Taylor Swift appears to promote the “prone bone” sex position (also known as “camel style” in the civilized Islamic world) in the suggestive new photo above from Vogue magazine.

Already Taylor’s devoted fans (popularly known as “Swifties”) have taken up Taylor’s “prone bone” challenge, and have begun recording themselves (in the compilation video above) getting their sex holes slammed from behind while laying prone on their stomachs with their legs together and ass up in the air.

Taylor Swift prone

Of course it certainly comes as no surprise to see that Taylor is such a big fan of getting banged in the back while in this posture, for she has always been a lazy whore and this position requires absolutely no movement from the woman… Which is why us powerful Muslim men often use it to forcibly “culturally enrich” unaccompanied women who are out at night.

Author: tbernardi