Taylor Swift Deleted Nude Scene From “Cats”

Taylor Swift leopard

The video below appears to feature Taylor Swifts’ graphic deleted nude scene from her starring role in the film “Cats”.

As you can see, Taylor really embraces her role as an alley cat in heat by fingering her pussy hole and litter box in this deleted nude scene… Of course we can not say for sure that this scene was deleted from the movie, as “Cats” was such an abomination of a film (even by heathen Hollywood’s extremely low standards) that no one bothered to see it.

Taylor Swift nude

However, we can say with certainty that any woman that owns a cat is a brazen Jezebel… As it is a scientific fact that they contract the toxoplasmosis parasite from their filthy felines, which causes them to become even bigger whores than they were to begin with.

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