Skyler Wright Nude Debut In “Dexter: New Blood”

Skyler Wright nude

Actress Skyler Wright makes her nude debut in the color-corrected and enhanced video below from the Showtime series “Dexter: New Blood”.

As you can see by the way that they hang like two shopping bags filled with sand, Skyler Wright’s big boobies are 100% all natural. Of course that means that at 24-years-old she has about 2-3 years left before they are swinging low down around her ankles.

Luckily for Skyler us pious Muslims have the cure for her saggy milk sack situation, and it involves a sharpened scimitar, a role of duct tape, and a thick black wool burka. Not only will this treatment de-droopy her titties, but it will do wonders for her overall appearance.

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