Natalie Portman Interracial Sex Scenes From “Lucy In The Sky”

The video above appears to feature an exclusive first look at Natalie Portman’s nude interracial sex scenes from her upcoming film “Lucy In The Sky”.

As you can see from this video, “Lucy In The Sky” tells the true story of the first female astronaut, who after seeing the infinite blackness of space becomes completely obsessed with big black cock upon her return to earth. Then when after cuckolding her limp dicked white husband for years still can’t fill the void, Natalie trains her hardest to try and co-star in a “blacked” film alongside the famed nig nog porn actor “Orion”.

Natalie Portman nude

“Lucy In The Sky” is Natalie’s first time in the director’s chair… Not that she directed the movie, just that the director allowed her to sit in his chair after banging her sex holes.

Natalie Portman cum

Already Natalie’s performance is getting Oscar buzz, for her passion for the part was undeniable and her commitment to continuing to live the role has been commendable… As she has been showing up to film festivals to promote the movie with AIDS riddled Sub-Saharan spunk covering her face.

Author: tbernardi