Millie Bobby Brown Deleted Nude Scene From “Enola Holmes 2”

Millie Bobby Brown Enola Holmes

The video below appears to feature Millie Bobby Brown in a deleted nude screen test for the film “Enola Holmes 2”.

It certainly comes as no surprise to see that in the original script to this film, Millie Bobby Brown’s character was supposed to be a filthy whore and not a detective…

Millie Bobby Brown cleavage

For even the Zionist producers at Netflix did not believe that viewers would buy that any woman (let alone a vapid fuck toy like Millie) was capable of using advanced deductive reasoning to solve crimes.

Of course after some focus group testing they realized they were wrong, and that the majority of the braindead infidel masses will believe almost anything that they see on TV no matter how absurd it may be… So they deleted this nude scene, and reworked the script to make Millie a detective instead of a dick-taker.

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