Melissa Benosit Slutty Yoga Moves

Melissa Benosit yoga

“Supergirl” star Melissa Benosit shows off her slutty yoga moves in the disturbing photos above and below.

Melissa Benosit yoga

In these photos Melissa is clearly trying to pull off “the pussy eater”, an extremely difficult and dangerous yoga position in which a woman contorts her spine in such a way that she can lick her own sin slit.

Melissa Benosit abs

By the look of Melissa’s hard nipple pokies in these pics, we can see that she is very eager to perfect this move. And by the look of Melissa’s abs in the photo above, she clearly has been working hard to strengthen her core so that she can get the job done.

Melissa Benosit bra

Luckily once a depraved whore like Melissa is able to tongue her own sex hole she will do little else with her time, and she will no doubt become a recluse who appears rarely in public and no longer promotes ridiculous feminist ideology on horrible CW superhero shows.