Maitland Ward Interracial Sex Tape

Maitland Ward interracial sex tape

Former Disney star Maitland Ward has finally completed her degenerate story arc, as she engages in her first interracial sex tape in the video below.

When Maitland Ward first started popping her bulbous boobies out online we all knew that eventually her chunky pasty white ass would do porn, and inevitably that porn would be with black guys. For the allure of sloppy fat white sluts like Maitland is irresistible to the primitive nogs due to colonialism, and the fact that the undulating of their blubbery backsides appeals to the dirt skins’ base savage rhythmic natures.

Yes, now that Mailtand has been “blacked” there is really nothing more that she can do that would be newsworthy, so she will most likely never be heard from again… However, maybe when she does her first interracial gang bang it will be worth a mention… But it would certainly have to be a slow celebrity news day.

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