Loren Gray’s Ass In A Thong Behind-The-Scenes Of Her Music Video

Loren Gray ass thong

18-year-old social media star and aspiring singer Loren Gray shows off her ass in a sparkly thong slut suit behind-the-scenes of her music video for her new single “Alone” in the video clip below.

What a travesty it is that Loren is squandering her tight teen tushy by jiggling her booty meat in videos like this instead of getting her sphincter stretched beyond all comprehension by a virile Muslim’s enormous manhood.

Loren Gray sexy

Of course only in the heathen West could a girl look like Loren, and the hopelessly homoqueer infidel men think “Gee I want to hear her sing”. For you better believe that in the civilized Islamic world Loren wouldn’t make it one city block dressed like this before getting all of her orifices banged vigorously, as we properly recognize Loren as nothing more than a collection of moist holes sent from Allah to serve as a receptacle for the contents of our hefty hair ball satchels.

Author: tbernardi