Lily Mo Sheen bikini

Lily Mo Sheen (the 18-year-old daughter of actress Kate Beckinsale) tries to attract older men by flaunting her taut nubile body in a wet bikini in the photo above.

No doubt Lily Mo Sheen is attempting to get back at her mother, for Kate taking Lily’s classmate 21-year-old Matt Rife as her new boy toy boyfriend. In fact Kate was recently photographed out with Matt on a movie night date to see “Despicable Me 3”, and she can be seen reacting excitedly to the news that Matt’s mom extended his curfew to 11:30pm and gave him $7, so with her AARP discount they will have plenty of time and money to get ice cream after the show.

Kate Beckinsale boy toy

Yes Lily is understandably upset about her cougar mother whoring her dilapidated cock cave to her male friends. In response Lily is reportedly going to “Skip the daddy dick and go straight for some grandpa cock”, as she tells our source that “she won’t be happy until her Mom sees her getting a pair of wrinkly old man balls bounced off of her chin.”


Lily Mo Sheen Lily Mo Sheen Lily Mo Sheen
Lily Mo Sheen Lily Mo Sheen Lily Mo Sheen

As you can see in the bikini photos above, despite being a touch on the older side herself Lily Mo Sheen still has the halal body of a girl of proper breeding, and so she should have no trouble enticing an elder from my village to stretch open her tight little sin holes…

But if she does so Lily better be ready to go by 4:30 in the afternoon, so that they can be asleep by 8:00pm… And she must remember to not blast that incessant pop music racket while jiggling her teen ass (as she is doing in the video above) during the 11:00am and 2:30pm nap times.




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