Lily Collins nude

Lily Collins continues to make a name for herself in hopelessly depraved heathen Hollywood while drawing the ire of us pious Muslims, as she poses for a completely nude photo shoot in the pics above and below.

Lily Collins nude

Seeing Lily’s tight little nubile frame in these nude pics one can not help but feel a sting of regret, for 20 or so years ago Lily would have been the ideal wife for a virile Muslim man. However, sadly Lily’s father musician Phil Collins was negligent in his duty as he was too busy making his easy listening rock hits to look out for his daughter’s best interest by selling her off to be married when she was still of a proper breeding age.

Lily Collins nude sex

Unfortunately now not only is Lily a dried-up old hag who has to resort to prostituting her flesh in movies just to get by, but worst of all Lily’s no doubt remarkably snug snatch continues to remain un-stretched as she has to settle for getting reamed by pathetically tiny infidel manhoods as in the sex photo above.




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