Jennifer Lawrence nip slip

Ever since France confirmed its intention to surrender to Islam and become the first Western European caliphate by electing the effeminate manlet granny f*cker Macron as its President, celebrity harlots have been flocking to its shores in droves in the hopes of being chosen to serve in the future state’s harems.

Jennfier Lawrence is just the latest celeb slut to come to France and whore her body to the exponentially increasing Muslim populace, as she slips a partial nipple while visiting the Palace of Versailles in the photos above and below.

Jennifer Lawrence nip slip

It is actually quite fitting that Jennifer Lawrence is flaunting her sinful tit meat at Versailles like this, for they both perfectly represent the degenerate old world French culture. And just as us Muslims will destroy all the heathen opulence at Versailles when we convert it into a grande mosque, so will we dispose of Jennifer Lawrence and her blasphemous breast meat.

Jennifer Lawrence nipples

Of course we won’t completely do away with French culture, for it does possess some redeemable qualities like women not shaving their erotic body hair. In fact, we may even bring back some great forgotten French cultural aspects like the guillotine. Perhaps Jennifer Lawrence would like to come back and visit then with her nipples visible in a see through top (in the photo above) or her side boob hanging out (in the photo below), so that she will get to experience this great French tradition firsthand.

Jennifer Lawrence side boob




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