Jamie Chung nude

Jamie Chung (who has starred as the token Asian in films such as “The Hangover II and III” and “Sucker Punch”) poses for a fully nude photo shoot for the new issue of the trade magazine “Nail Salon Technician Weekly” in the photos above and below.

Jamie Chung nude

Sadly there is no happy ending for us pious Muslims in these Jamie Chung nude pics, as none of these photos feature this slant-eyed seductress getting her slope head blown off by a Cambodian death squad.

Jamie Chung nude

While there is certainly no doubt that us virile Muslim men make Jamie Chung “so horny” that she wants to “love us long time”, no self-respecting Muslim would ever stuff his massive egg roll into her ching-chong coochie. For while Asian women are normally pleasingly androgynous with nubile underdeveloped sex organs, Jamie appears to be some sort of mutant chock-full of sinful femininity. Add to that the fact that her vaginal slit runs vertically instead of horizontally, and as far as yiggers go she is a real freak of nature.




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