How the Internet and Social Changed the Lives of Celebrities

The invention of the internet has changed the lives of us all. However, the most impacted people are celebrities. We are not talking about social media “celebrities,” but the people who have been shining even before the age of the internet taking over the world. The inception of social at the beginning of the new century has become a trend since the last decade. Earlier, media and paparazzi were the ones that used information about the inside lives of the celebrities, but now social media has replaced it. There are some positive as well as the negative impact of social media and the internet on famous persons.

More Connectivity with the Fans

Thanks to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, fans can be in touch with their favorite actors, sportsperson, or musicians. This has allowed celebrities to show their real side and real lives to normal people. With messages and comments, they can get honest reviews about them from the fans directly. Constructive criticism has been built so they can grow with it. The gap between the fans and the celebrities has narrowed down.

Earning from Advertising

Well, the internet has blessed businesses with a wide field where they can grow. Celebrities can also help in digital marketing and can make money out of it. Since they have millions of followers and subscribers, they are getting paid in millions for posting one photo of a brand or a product. Ronaldo and Kardashians are some of the highest-paid celebrities in this category. Some other celebrities even promote online casinos with lucrative incentives like no deposit bonus, free spins no deposit Australia, and other welcome bonuses. So, the possibilities of earning from promotions have increased with the internet and digital marketing.

Less Privacy

Well, there are always two sides to the coin. Social media and the internet have also diminished the privacy of celebrities. There are several cases of some famous person’s Twitter handler getting hacked by cyber attackers. The fappening in 2015 was also one of the popular incidents where nudes and other person photos & videos of over 40 actress and athletes were leaked online. So, the personal lives of celebrities have been more public due to the internet.

To Show the Real Side

The media and news sometimes published some rumors and fake news about such personalities. In many ways, this can hurt the image and the brand created by that famous person. However, with social media platforms, they can clarify the real side of the story published by newspapers and digital magazines. Celebrities can also put out their views on politics and all the other things.

To Inspire others and the Social Cause

There are many athletes, pop stars, actors, and many other personalities who are engaged in a social cause or inspiring people. For instance, many celebrities are part of the social organization to spread awareness about any issue. Some even inspire people to get fit and healthy by describing their routine and diet plans.

In a nutshell, we can say that the lives of celebrities have been impacted in several ways by the increasing popularity of the internet and social media.

Author: tbernardi