Gal Gadot Israeli Army Sex Training Video Released

Gal Gadot Israeli army

Iranian intelligence appears to have just uncovered and released actress Gal Gadot’s graphic nude Israeli army sex training footage in the video below.

As we all know, Gal Gadot was enlisted into the Israeli army’s elite sex forces when she was 18-years-old… Of course this division is only “elite” because it is difficult to find Jewesses that don’t look like goblins, not because these Shebrew sluts can not handle getting their Satanic sin holes slammed for their country.

Gal Gadot Israeli army

Yes as you can see from this sex training video, Gal Gadot was quickly turned into a battle hardened whore who would go on to terrorize and torment the peaceful Palestinians with her blasphemous behavior.

In fact, to this very day Gal continues to utilize her training… Only now it is to serve the Zionists by making Shekels in Showbiz off of the hopelessly depraved infidel masses.

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Author: tbernardi