Food Shopping Changes During Pandemic


For the first time in the history of the country, US residents began to buy groceries and spend more money in supermarkets than in cafes and restaurants with ready-made meals. What has influenced it? The pandemic, of course.

In almost all stores, sales growth has increased significantly compared to recent years. Americans became interested in new and interesting recipes and started to improve their culinary skills. And shopping habits also began to change. Let’s take a closer look.

7 Ways Shopping Habits Have Changed

  1.  Lists Have Become More Thoughtful

In the past, a huge percentage of people went to the supermarket with no list at all. They chose groceries on the shelves and, while in the store, made their plans for dinner, or meals for the next day. Now, everything has changed. People began to think carefully about their grocery lists to be in the store for less time and to go there purposefully. Many in general began to go to stores once a week and make all the necessary purchases. The pandemic has taught people to plan and better understand what they want.

  1.  Online Shopping Is Booming

A few years ago, more than 80% of people had a negative attitude and had never practiced buying products online. Now, the situation has become practically the opposite. And we are talking not only about the young generation. Regardless of age, US residents have begun to buy more foods online – because it is fast and most importantly safe. Large online shopping stores began to offer promotional annual delivery subscriptions, reduce delivery times and think about other privileges when shopping online. Also, the self-pick-up function remains relevant: the store employees can prepare the order, and the buyer can come and pick it up from the store. In parallel with this, the desire to make more profitable purchases has also become prevailing. Americans increasingly started visiting sites with promo codes, such as, in search of relevant offers to make online shopping even more enjoyable. And this applies not only to the USA but also to Europe — a huge number of the residents of Finland have also added Promocodius to their bookmarks.

  1.  Orange Fever

In 2020 and 2021, sales of oranges increased by 70% compared to 2019. The fact is that oranges can increase immunity due to their vitamin C content. Moreover, citrus fruits have a longer shelf life, unlike others. This all led to a real orange boom. And most likely, this trend will continue in the next years, because people have become more attentive to their health and are now choosing healthier foods.

  1.  New Infrastructure

The infrastructure of the stores has also changed. For example, many offline stores started offering scanning and payment for groceries while shopping to avoid long lines. Other stores started offering self-service stations and shopping apps. And more innovations lie ahead to make the offline shopping experience more convenient, enjoyable, and safer. It is important for people to understand that supermarkets are concerned about their safety and they can visit them without an increased risk to their health.

  1.  Selection of Products

If in recent years stores have tried to provide the widest possible variety of products, now there is no such great need for this. Generally, people want to spend less time in the store. Accordingly, they choose products and brands that they already know well. The impulsiveness of purchases has become much lower than 2-3 years ago. The modern buyer is more likely to be attracted by large packages of products and wholesale options of already well-known brands, than looking for new unfamiliar brands that are just entering the market. The variety of foods falls towards the ones with a long shelf life. For example, all kinds of canned food. Many chefs have also developed special new recipes for the world’s most popular canned food, beans.

  1.  Frozen Foods

Unsurprisingly, the demand for frozen foods has also increased. As we said, foods that have a long shelf life are in the top purchases. At first, people just wanted to fill their freezers. Then, many of them came to the conclusion that it is more convenient, practical and cheaper, because they can always have vegetables, fruits, and meat without leaving home. Therefore, frozen foods have become a great alternative to fresh ones.

  1.  Local Brands

Trust in local brands has become higher. They offer faster deliveries, safer deliveries, and always the opportunity to get various privileges.

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