Emily Osment’s Boobs Keep Getting Bigger

Emily Osment boobs nip slip

Former Disney star Emily Osment’s bulbous breasts appear to have grown even bigger.

Emily Osment boobs bikini boobs

Emily shared the busty bikini pics above and below from her recent vacation, and as you can see her boobs certainly look fuller than they have in the past.

Emily Osment boobs bikini boobs

Clearly Emily needs to be milked soon before her ducts become clogged and infected. Of course a skilled Muslim dairy farmer could completely drain her udders in a matter of seconds with a few rough tugs on her teats from his coarse calloused hands.

Unfortunately as you can see in the compilation video above, Emily is too busy using her over-inflated tit sacks on her shitty ABC Family sitcom “Young and Hungry” to realize the potential danger that she is in.

Emily Osment facial

For if Emily’s rapidly expanding chesticles are not drained soon they may explode in her slutty face, covering it in a creamy white liquid… And not the kind she is use to.

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