Does a happy marriage lead to being overweight?

To find out whether partners who are well and comfortable with each other are really gaining weight, scientists from the University of Queensland in Australia carried out the research. For ten years, they have been watching 6,458 participants in the study and found that women aged 20 to 30 years, without children, who were in a constant and satisfying relationship, weighed more than single women on an average of 5.9 kg, and some of them have been gaining 1.8 kg per year.

However, not only women are getting fat. Scientists from the Southern Methodist University in Dallas spent four years observing 169 couples of newlyweds and came to the same conclusion: both men and women in a happy marriage gain weight. Their colleagues from the University of New York agree. Moreover: the happier the relationship, the more weight the spouses gain, while marriage problems and the more divorce leads to the fact that partners lose weight.

So, how does love make us full?

To paraphrase the classics, we can say that all happy families are alike, but they become overweight for various reasons. 

· One reason for this is that partners often adopt each other’s eating habits, sometimes not the healthiest ones. So, married women begin to lean on foods high in fat and sugar, and their servings are gradually increasing. Some even begin to eat as much as their spouses (or even more), without considering that the need for calories in men and women is different. Chances are that when we meet women online and marry slim beauties, in a few years, they can become unrecognizable. 

In addition, the researchers found that couples spend more time and effort in cooking food. When we live alone, we often skip at least one meal or have a quick snack, but when we become part of a couple, we begin to devote time to full lunches and dinners, including desserts and alcohol. In marriage, a joint meal is not just a meal but also an opportunity to be together.

· Another reason, probably, is that lovers tend to spend maximum free time together, often neglecting exercise. Gradually, their lifestyle becomes less and less active. Our priorities are changing, and taking care of ourselves, which includes sports and diets, is no longer a priority.

Researchers have noticed that in most cases, relationships develop according to the same scenario: the period of first dates, which usually take place in bars and restaurants, is followed by a stage when partners decide that it is time to start living together. Now they spend the weekend at home: they cook several-course dinners or watch movies on the couch with popcorn or ice cream. Such a lifestyle sooner or later as expected leads to weight gain.

However, it is not only a way of life: having realized that our relations are stable, we relax, we feel more confident and protected. Positive stress caused by a period of flirting and courtship subsides, and appetite grows.

Of course, we are talking only about the general trend: many couples in marriage succeed in continuing to lead the same healthy lifestyle as before. So, instead of adopting the partner’s healthiest eating habits, maybe it’s time to show them what a pleasure it is to take care of yourself, eat right and play sports?

How does your weight affect marriage?

When we marry, we promise each other to be together in illness and health, in grief and joy. It is unlikely that you swore to your husband to maintain the same weight, size of clothes, and waist size that you had on your wedding day. Nevertheless, after several years of marriage, it may turn out that these seemingly not the most important parameters can seriously change the relationship in a marriage.

More kilos and less sex

In theory, happy spouses accept and love each other, regardless of weight and age. In the real world, such relationships are quite rare. That partner, whose weight remains the same, is often dissatisfied with the changes and does not hide it. A study at the University of Arizona confirmed that differences in weight categories cause marital disagreements as often as financial crises. Moreover, couples in which only a woman suffers from excess weight quarrel more often than those where a husband or both spouses have plumped over the years of marriage.

The conversation that does not take place

It is difficult for many spouses to even start a conversation about gained kilograms. Of course, accusations and quarrels do not make anyone happier, but complete silence also cannot be considered a successful line of behavior. A woman is silent because she does not want to give her husband a reason to discuss a painful topic. And a man sometimes does not even notice a few kilograms that his wife gained and sincerely does not understand what the reason for the bad mood is.

Author: tbernardi