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Sex Emulator—Creating the Virtual World’s Hottest 3D Fuck Machine

The porn industry continues to evolve just enough to accommodate everyone’s kinks and fetishes. One of the niches that they continue to explore is 3D animation and MFC simulators. In this age of advanced robotics and artificial intelligence, the possibilities are endless. So why not combine both elements and use it to satisfy our sexual needs and desires?

A Healthy Combo of AI and Porn

With Sex Emulator, we can do just that. This porn gaming site uses MFC simulators to entice visitors like you to plunge balls-deep into what they can offer. As soon as you visit their website, you are greeted with a gorgeous young simulator you can customize to your satisfaction. Feel free to adjust her looks based on ethnicity, hair color, and even the size of her tits! Whether you like an ebony lady with blonde hair or a cute Asian redhead, this boner-inducing site will let you create the ideal porn girl of your wet dreams.

After creating one gorgeous female, it is time to play! If you have an inner desire to become a Dominant in your own sex play, now is that time to unleash that perversion. This MFC simulator will happily submit into any sexual activity you want, whether its foot play, blowjob, or even spanking. Watch her play with her tits, lick her dildo clean, and shave said sex toy up her ass until you are satisfied. With Sex Emulator, you don’t have to ask for consent—you already have it!

The Gateway to More Porn

But that is not all. Your goal is not just to play with your simulator until you make her cum. Your aim is to make her skilled just enough for her to evolve and be included in the interactive game you can find once you log in and register at the site. Yes, the MFC simulator is like a pre-game or foreplay to the real sex action. Once you make her skillful enough to reach level 2, this porn gaming site will highly encourage you to register and be part of the game.
Now, how do you get in to this porn gaming site? Aside from the typical information you give to a website, they also ask for credit card details.

This is for two reasons. One, this proves that you are at least 18 years of age which is a requirement to be able to access their content. And two, if you do plan to purchase anything within the site, they already have your credit card saved.

Your One-Stop Shop for All Things Porn

And boy, the things you can purchase in Sex Emulator! In all actuality, this porn gaming site does not only cater to the gamers-slash-porn lovers. They are actually a one-stop shop for all your porn needs. Aside from their interactive RPG game featuring your MFC simulator, they also have hundreds of XXX porn games you can play on top of it. They offer free live sex cams for those who want to explore the niche, and thousands of High Definition porn videos you can check out if you want to rest from the games.
On top of all that, they also have exclusive virtual porn videos you can download on any device. So get your VR headsets ready and jerk off to your heart’s content.
Why jump from one site to another to get your porn fix if you can get it all in one place? In Sex Emulator, you have everything you need to enhance and create your unique porn experience. Get lost in their sea of content by visiting their site today!

Find Your Sexy Jerk Buddy in Jerk Mate

Variety is the spice of life. We are often encouraged to shake things up and change routines once in a while to ease the boredom of having to do the same thing every day. But did you know that it applies to our porn life too? If you don’t believe us, let experience speak for itself. Have you ever felt tired or bored of scrolling through various porn videos featuring the same old porn scenes with the same old pornstars until you want to rip your hair out? Maybe it really is time to add some variety into your porn experience.

The Evolution of Porn

Thankfully, the porn industry has evolved from being just a provider of adult films. Now, you can find porn games, interactive porn, virtual porn, and other niches that would certainly shake things up in your routine. Another way for you to do so is to avail of adult webcams.
Adult webcams are just another way of watching porn. The difference of this to porn videos, however, is that every session is a unique experience. There is a very slim chance that you watch the same old porn scenes because every day, there is a different demand. It all depends on the audience watching the live shows.
Do you want to try watching some sex cams and interacting with other people who are in the same porn genre as you? Then we suggest as a good place to start.

Jerk Mate: Changing the Game

Jerk Mate is an adult sex cam site that features thousands upon thousands of cam girls that can accommodate one or more porn genres in one session. These cam models can be amateurs or professionals in enticing their viewers to shatter into a mind-blowing orgasm, all inside the comforts of their own home and without the worries of unwanted pregnancies.
The tag line of this sex cam site is for you “never to jerk off alone again.” After N years in the industry, they are still keeping this promise thanks to their amazing and top-notch service. Registering on Jerk Mate is free. So are most of their live shows. All you need to do is find a cam girl you want to watch and have a raunchy chat with.

Finding Your Favorite Cam Girl

So how do you find the cam girl of your wet dreams and maximize your Jerk Mate experience? There are two ways. One, you can register and log in to the site either by using your Google account or by generating a username or password.

You will use the latter every time you enter the site. Once you are done with the registration process, you can now gain access to their catalogue of hot, horny babes.

Another way is to use their random cam window. After opening the homepage, you will be greeted by Jerky, their adorable robot-cum-personal assistant who will assist you in navigating the site. He will ask you a series of questions that would help narrow down your search.

Then, wait for the random cam to pop up a cam model that best fits your description. Once you find her, take note of her username, register or log in, then go and check out her profile ASAP!

Navigating through this sex cam site is easy and so hassle-free. Check out Jerk Mate now and find the ideal cam model of your wet dreams! And if you’re up to it, make her your jerk mate.

Narcos XXX—The High-Quality Adult Porn Game we Dream of

We don’t know why but we often find the combination of drugs and sex a beautiful combo of heaven and hell at the same time. That is why films and TV shows often feature this plot line, often with a Pablo Escobar look-alike as a lead or supporting character.
With the popularity of love, romance, and sex blossoming within the dangers of a drug cartel, it is not surprising that some adult porn games were made featuring exactly that. One of the sites that adopted this plot is, an adult gaming site that features this game as their main service.

In The Shoes of Pablo Escobar

Narcos XXX is a role-playing simulation game that is based on the adventures and life of Pablo Escobar, one of the most famous drug lords in history thanks to Hollywood (yeah, we all know the guy). The game uses 3D animation to make it more realistic and compelling to watch. Think Counter Strike but with less of a hassle when it comes to downloading and connecting on the Internet. This adult gaming site is a browser game so you do not have to install anything in your computer to make it work.
Unlike your other cutesy, adult porn games where all you need to do is wait for the story to unfold, Narcos XXX actually requires your full and immediate attention every time. The game begins with you choosing whose character you want to play: Pablo, the star of the game, Valeria, the hot and sexy lady of the drug cartel, and Horatio, the police who is tasked to capture the notorious narcoterrorist.

The Challenging and Horny Story Line

The plot starts with Pablo, lounging happily on his luxurious yacht with a beautiful whore riding you. Suddenly, a group of militia storms in and tries to capture you, only to be met with success. Now you are inside a prison. What to do next? Escape, of course. Your role as the player of the game starts right here.
As a role-playing game, Narcos XXX can satisfy most, if not all, gaming lovers in the spectrum. Aside from the adventurous story line and the killer strategies, you, as Pablo, also get to meet tons of women and persuade them to be on your bed.

You can even control how you want the fucking to begin and how fast you want it to be. Narcos XXX can readily unleash your gamer side and porn lover side easily.

Some Plot Holes to Consider

Unfortunately, like other adult gaming sites, Narcos XXX is not perfect. It has some flaws, too. Firstly, it still has some bugs, particularly if you use Google Chrome as the browser. Some reviews stated that it is better to use Firefox or Opera when playing the game because they experienced a lockdown when using Chrome. For some who are used to Google Chrome, this can be uncomfortable. But hey, it’s worth the sacrifice. The game is THAT good.
Secondly, playing the game is NOT free, at least after the first two days. To start the game, you have to register your credit card details. Then, you will automatically be allowed the two-day trial membership. After it expires, the site will charge you $39.99 monthly. It is pretty huge, but that is because this is not the only thing they have offered.
Aside from Narcos XXX, this adult gaming site also has hundreds of other parody games that are just as amazing as their main game. Plus, they have thousands of HD porn videos you can watch if you want to rest from the game. Finally, your memberships give you access to other porn sites that are in their network, particularly Premium Porn HD and XXX HD Vault.

Final Verdict

Overall, Narcos XXX is a high quality adult porn game that gamers-slash-porn lovers can truly enjoy at their own time. You not only get the chance to jerk off with some pretty hot whores. You also get to challenge your brain and maximize your computer gaming skills. That’s not so bad, isn’t it? Check out this adult gaming site today and be the next Pablo Escobar—at least in the virtual world.

Be Treated Like Royalty in Royal Cams!

With so many sex cam sites springing up these days, it’s hard to find the one you can consider your only go-to when it comes to all things sex cams. However, if you want the best professional cam girls you can find on the web, there’s nowhere else to look but at

Filled with Regal Sluts

Royal Cams is a webcam site that employs amateur cam models of different shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. They ensure that each and every one of their cam girls is eligible and able to satisfy every visitor that would stumble upon the site.

Most, if not all, are royals in terms of sex appeal and sexual appetite for some good hot sex. And although you get to talk to professional cam models, you don’t have to spend a lot to do so.

How to be Royal

In order to make the most out of your first-time experience in this live sex cam site, you must first register with a username and password. Your username will be the name that will pop up while chatting with your chosen cam model.

If you don’t like your initial name, don’t fret. You can change it anytime you wish by editing your profile.
Why register, you say? Having an account would give you instant access to the chat rooms, a place where cam models get to interact with their guests and visitors. And if you are lucky, she might be able to strip for FREE! To maximize your stay, however, you must have tokens in your account.

The Cost of a Regal Slut

Having some tokens allows you more privileges and perks that basic members do not have, such as the opportunity to have a one-on-one chat with your favourite performer, a private show with frisky interactions, group shows with other paying members, and more!

Each action requires a specific number of tokens. For example, accessing the group shows cost 15 tokens per minute; while private shows wherein it’s just you and the model could set you back 60 tokens per minute.
If you want to snag a deal, though, we suggest you go for the Voyeur/Spy chat option. This choice would only require you to pay one-fourth of the cost of the private show. However, you won’t be able to interact with the model or the audience. Still, it is a pretty decent amount to pay for some live action.

Paving the Way to your Throne

Commonly, Royal Cams sell their tokens in bulk. They give discounts the more you buy more tokens. The cheapest deal you can get is 26 tokens for 1.99 euros. That is only about 0.08 euros per token. If you buy a higher number of tokens in bulk, you get it at a cheaper price.

What’s more, Royal Cams often offer daily deals and discounts when it comes to token purchases. Visit their site everyday in order not to miss one of their flash sales!

To buy their tokens, you can pay using your credit card and cryptocurrency account. In order to ensure your security and privacy, they have strict guidelines when it comes to loading your account. Failure to adhere to the rules may result to your account being blocked.
Royal Cams also allow token loading through SMS in some countries. To know more about their payment methods, check out their FAQs page.
Royal Cams is the best and only live sex cam site that treats their guests and members like the royals that they should be. Visit this cam site today and see what sets Royal Cams apart from the rest of their competitors!