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Emilia Clarke Blowjob Sex Scene

Emilia Clarke sexy brunette

Emilia Clarke wastes no time in shedding her “Game of Thrones” image, as she mixes things up as a sucking cock brunette in the sex scene below from her new film “Above Suspicion”.

This blowjob scene is certainly “Above Suspicion”, as Emilia is famous for her DSL (dick sucking lips) which she no doubt has been putting to good use in heathen Hollywood since she was first cast on “Game of Thrones”.

Emilia Clarke sexy brunette

Yes there is certainly no denying that Emilia Clarke is a natural born cock gobbler who enjoys nothing more than having a man’s penis pressed firmly against the back of her throat. Unfortunately for Emilia much like the man in this sex scene, infidels all possess pathetically teeny tiny weenies. If Emilia really wants to challenge her outstanding oral skills then she needs to come suck on an enormous Islamic tunic snake, and see if she has what it takes to maintain consciousness as it cuts off her air supply while slithering down her esophagus.

“Game of Thrones” Nude Scenes Ultimate Compilation

The hit HBO series “Game of Thrones” has finally mercifully come to an end, and while the show’s finale was epicly terrible in its outcome with the righteous Dragon Queen failing to establish a world caliphate and “break the wheel” (i.e. destroy the Zionist world order) with her horde of powerful Muslim Dothraki warriors. This show still leaves us with many nude scenes to reflect upon and denounce, which have been brightened, color-corrected, and compiled into the ultimate compilation video above.

Yes before completely shitting the bed with its horrible writing the last two seasons, “Game of Thrones” presented us with many whores who desperately need to be lapidated. The two biggest being actresses Emilia Clarke and Carice Van Houten, who showed their sinful tit sacks more than anyone else on the series.

Of course an honorable mention should go to actress Natalie Dormer, who did not last long enough to have more than one nude scene, but who’s breasticles were so offensively sloppy and saggy that she is now at the top of our stoning list.

Emilia Clarke Sex Scene Alternate “Game of Thrones” Ending

The second to last episode of the hit HBO series “Game of Thrones” aired last night and ignited tremendous controversy amongst fans, as Emilia Clarke’s character Daenerys Targaryen turned into a genocidal psychopath after being denied dick from her nephew Jon Snow.

While us pious Muslims thought that this was an extremely accurate representation of the death and destruction that can come from a lecherous woman with sinfully unshorn lady bits, many found Emilia’s rapid transformation into the “Mad Queen” to be off-putting, rushed, and just plain stupid. However as you can see from the video above, there was an alternate ending shot in which Emilia gets the hard deep dicking she so desperately desired and then decides to spare the city of “King’s Landing” in a peaceful transition of power.

Emilia Clarke nude ass

While this ending is not nearly as satisfying to us Muslims as watching 30 straight minutes of infidels getting righteously burnt to death by dragon fire, it will no doubt please the hopelessly depraved heathen masses who know nothing of proper storytelling.