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  • Cameron Diaz Blowjob Sex Scene From “The Panties Sniffer”

    The video below appears to feature actress Cameron Diaz’s blowjob sex scene from her new romantic comedy “The Panties Sniffer”. It certainly is fitting that today is “Throwback Thursday” for not only is Cameron Diaz an old heathen hussy from the past, but us virile Muslims would certainly throw her back to Hollywood if she […]

  • Cameron Diaz Nude Scenes From “Sex Tape” Remastered In 4K

    The video below features Cameron Diaz’s nude scenes from the film “Sex Tape” color-corrected and remastered in ultra high definition. This film was Cameron Diaz’s last hurrah at showing off her blasphemously bare female body, for at this point even by heathen Hollywood’s depraved standards she was on the verge of being a tired banged-out […]

  • Cameron Diaz Nude Photo Shoot Colorized

    A young Cameron Diaz’s black and white nude photo shoot has just been colorized and enhanced using our AI (Advanced Islamic) deep learning technology in the gallery below.   As you can see from these colorized nude pics, there is certainly no denying that at one point in time Cameron Diaz was briefly a halal […]

  • Cameron Diaz Hot

    Hot Cameron Diaz pictures from Saint Tropez, 08/08/2019. Also featuring: Benji Madden. Hey you guys, remember Good Charlotte? What an awful band that was. Enjoy the pictures, though. Cameron is hot.

  • Top 20 Celebrities Nude Beach Photos

    Summer is winding down and that means beach season in the infidel West is as well, and thank Allah for that. For every year brazen celebrity sluts bare their nude flesh out in public, accosting innocent beachgoers with their topless titties. Why by no means the full accounting of celebrity nude sunbathers, the list below […]