Cara Delevingne Naked And Prone Through The Years

Cara Delevingne naked

As you can see from the pic above, model, actress, and lesboqueer Cara Delevingne once again poses for a nude photo while laying on her stomach.

Cara Delevingne naked

Laying naked and prone is clearly Cara’s preferred position… And as you can see from the comparison photo above of her at 22-years-old, 24-years-old, and 27-years-old respectively, she has certainly become much uglier and angrier through the years.

Of course the source of Cara’s ill-temper can be directly traced to her flaming lesbodyke lifestyle. For as you can see from the sex tape video above, on the rare occasion when she does get penetrated by a pathetically emasculated infidel man she takes a dominate on top reverse cowgirl position. You better believe that if Cara were to get her sex holes violently stretched open by a Muslim man’s massive meat scud in the proper face down ass up posture (as is prescribed in the holy Qur’an) all of her bitter lesbian frustrations would get pounded out of her real quick.

Author: tbernardi