Ashley Benson Masturbation Scenes From “Alone At Night”

Ashley Benson nude

The video below features Ashley Benson’s masturbation scenes from the film “Alone at Night” color-corrected and enhanced in high definition.

It certainly comes as quite a surprise that Ashley Benson would hide her sinful tit toppers behind black tape in these scenes, for as you can see from the photos and video clip below she certainly has no qualms about showing her mammaries.

Ashley Benson nude

Of course there are only two possibly explanations for why Ashley Benson does not completely expose her milk valves in these sinful self-pleasuring scenes…

The first is that Ashley’s nipples now look like chewed-up pieces of bubble gum after being gnawed on by so many lesbodykes… And the other is that Ashley thinks she must maintain a level of false modesty, as she still has a semblance of hope of regaining mainstream success… I don’t know which of these reasons is more sad.

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